Saturday, December 18, 2010

The house that was built in 1898

As you may know, this year we decided to find a cute little old house near campus to live in. It was our first year not living in an apartment and we were SUPER stoked to have more space, a porch, a yard, and our own rooms. Well, we definitely under-estimated the "up-keep" of living in a house that was built in 1898. For the first 2 months of school, whenever it rained, my bed would get SOAKED. There was water in the windowsill so I figured that the window was leaking or something. When I complained to the landlord, he claimed that I had to have left my window opened. This was oooober frustrating, because why in the world would someone open their window right before a big storm came in?! I'm not that stupid! Well, one night during a big storm, I was reading my scriptures and all I could think about was where in the world is this water coming from?? Then I heard dripping. It was the ceiling!! I had a hole just above my bed that would drip down and into my window!! Well, I ran in to tell my roommates and we tried to temporarily patch up the hole. We are quite handy! The next day the landlord went up to the roof and I haven't had any problems since!! Here are some pictures of when we tried to fix the hole (this happened back in October, but I forgot to blog about it). Currently, our problem has been mice...but I am pretty sure they have all frozen to death, because they haven't been stealing food off the traps lately.

Drying our "patch"

Jentry is super innovative!

Thank goodness for these two little handymen

Finally, we just put a bowl on my bed to catch the water, and moved my mattress to the floor

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