Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Workin' Hard

So...I may have just started working full-time at my dad's office again just 2 days ago...but I feel like I haven't missed a beat!! I am very involved in the company's non-profit scholarship that we have created to help single mothers attend college. Next week, we are hosting a 5K to raise more money to award more scholarships. This race has become the center of my focus since I started work. In the past two days, we have gotten tons of sponsors and cool prizes for the race. I really think it is going to be very successful. I am really hoping that we get a lot of people out to support such an awesome cause.

A little bit of background about the cause...

Almost 6 years ago, my sister Katie's husband passed away unexpectedly. Her daughter was just 3 months old. Katie's world had shattered. She was a 23 year old hairdresser and now she was supposed to provide for herself and her daughter all on her own. She decided the only way to make it would be to go back to school at UVU. As driven as Katie is, she finished her degree in just 2.5 years with an AMAZING GPA of 3.7. How awesome is that!? Since she went through it first hand, she realized that there really aren't any resources for single mothers out there. She ran into stumbling blocks everywhere she went with school and childcare and everything between.

From that experience, we decided that we wanted to help other people who are in that similar situation. Last year, we raised enough money to give out 2 scholarships. It was so cool how grateful those incredible women were. There is nothing better than giving people the opportunity to make the impossible POSSIBLE!!

So now I am reaching out to all of you blog followers!! Come support this cause!! The race is going to be AWESOME! If you click on the link at the top of my page, you can register from there. PLEASSEE spread the word and come out to support us next week!

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