Sunday, May 8, 2011


So as I have said before, this finals week has been INSANE. I am still recovering. Sometimes I have mental freakouts where I feel like I should be writing a paper or studying or something and then I remember that school is over and I can take it least for a week before the summer semester begins. So the night before my birthday, I was in full-swing going insane slash stressed mode. I had one final left that was going to be pretty tough and I had to clean and move out of my house. I was stressed out of my mind taking tums and pepsid every few hours for my finals week ulcer named Lucy after my teacher. So anyways, the night before the last day, my friend Luke gave me a call and wanted to take me to ice cream for my birthday. I was extremely stressed, but I figured I could do ice cream. Well...little did I friends and roommates planned a surprise party for me!! Complete with a cake and piñata! I was seriously soooo surprised!! Here are some pictures....

Walking in

My cute piñata
Getting blind folded

Getting spun around...

Swinging at the hardest piñata I have ever swung at! It would not break!
Still won't break!

Getting aggressive with it!

Finally got it! It was filled with my favorite things!

Then we had my cute cake!

My mom was in town for the party! She was totally in on it and I had no idea!

My cute roommates who orchestrated it all.

So thanks to everyone who helped take the edge off of the week a little bit and allowed me to celebrate being one year older!! It was so fun and great to say goodbye to all of my Logan friends. They will most definitely be missed!!

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