Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Full Time

First off, I would just like to brag and tell all of my blog followers that I got a 3.7 last semester!! Wahoo!!! 2 more semesters to go! I am so glad that the wait/stress is over and I can move forward. Speaking of moving forward...I moved forward FAST! Finals ended on Friday...48 hours after my finals ended and I moved home...I began full time work, full time summer school, and full time marathon training. AWESOME! My room is still packed with boxes, as I haven't had time to go through all of my stuff/can't decide if I want to live in an apartment or at home for the summer...hopefully everything slows down one day. I'm not really seeing a break anytime in the near future though! It's okay, at least my life is most definitely NEVER boring. I just constantly go.'s three in the morning and I am blogging after a full day. I am waking up in a few hours and doing it all again. Love it. So anyways, tonight we decided to go have some fun with friends up in Salt Lake. We went to Karaoke night at Keys on Main and it was A BLAST! After, we grabbed Denny's...which is NEVER EVER as good as it sounds like it will be in the middle of the night....So here are some pictures from my BRAND NEW canon SD 1400 camera that the AMAZING Josh Story gave me for my birthday.

Mr Life of the party

Luke and Zac engaged in very interesting convo


Look how cool! My camera can do black/white and then pic a color to stay in color!

"Ain't no lie, baby bye bye bye!"

Jessa was the main rapper!

Luke, Jessa, and I

Luke and I

"Pour some sugar on me!"

Doin a solo, no big

I am in love with my new camera and my new shoes I got for my bday!


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