Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shopper's High

Woooow!! I have a serious problem. My name is Kelli, and I have a serious shopping problem!! My parents and I decided to head up to the cold land of Park City for the long weekend! It has been soo much fun! Today we spent the entire day shopping. Cath and I have been in HEAVEN! What girl doesn't love to shop all day long and get AMAZING deals?! It seriously was sooo good! I got a bunch of clothes for work (I have a serious obsession with buying work clothes) AND I finally resolved my week-long dilemma about what I wanted to wear for my marathon. I figure, if I have to run for 26.2 miles, I might as well look good doing it right?! So when we got back, I changed into all of my new stuff and showed my dad! I don't look the best, because it was pouring rain all day, but my new clothes all make up for the bad hair and food-baby I acquired from Cafe Rio!

Outfit #1: Jeans- TJ Maxx, Shirt- Pac Sun, Earrings- Pac Sun, Necklace- Ann Taylor

Outfit #2: Shirt- Tommy Hilfiger, Jeans- TJ Maxx, Earring- Pac Sun, Necklace- Ann Taylor (My least favorite picture, doesn't actually do the shirt justice)

Outfit #3: Jeans- Tommy Hilfiger, Tank- Ann Taylor, Cardigan- Ann Taylor

Outfit #4: Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger, Tank: Eddie Bauer, Cardigan- Ann Taylor

Outfit #5: Jeans- TJ Maxx, Tank- Abercrombie, Cardigan- Abercrombie, Necklace- Ann Taylor

Last AND Best: My marathon outfit!! ALL NIKE! I am very happy with the new shorts I found that match my shoes PERFECTLY!! If you look closer, they have black lines, which go with my tank top! I am very excited for marathon day now!!!

So, there are all of the pictures from my little fashion show that I had after our big shopping spree! I am so excited to wear all of my new stuff and mix-n-match everything!! Today was a GREAT day for the shopping addict in me!

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