Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Lucky Girl

So pretty much I am a waaay lucky girl!! I have so many people surrounding me with love and appreciation! I got a surprise party in Logan, then a small family party with my parents and bro, and then tonight we had a third party! Wow!! I am really glad I was born so that I could go to all of these awesome parties!! My cute niece Kali planned the whole thing. She called and scheduled a night, got the decorations, planned the games, did some of my favorite treats, and had some great presents! It was so cute! I love my family so much and I am so glad that I get to be home with them this summer and enjoy their amazing company!! Here's so pictures from the party...prepare to be overwhelmed by the amount...I'm obsessed with all the cool new things this camera can do!!

Mom and Rylie

Dad and I

Cute Ry and I

Little Miss Allie

I love how I can make it black and white EXCEPT for green. Sooo rad!

Such a great grandma

Allie Playing

I think this picture is so dang cute of these two!

Green Sky!! Waaaahhh!

On the move

Cute face Ry!

The AMAZING party planner Kali!

Shannon and I

What a party animal!

Kate and I

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