Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kelli = Not Creative

You know how you absolutely HATE those people that say they are "sooo busy" and they never have time for you and they act like their lives are sooo hectic all the time and it is such an inconvenience to them every time you talk to them that you don't even mess with them anymore, because you know you will get annoyed by their busyness excuses?? (Holy run on sentence!) I hate those people...the problem is...I AM one of those people! Woof. I am constantly on the run!! When I am not at work, I am working out, with friends/family, or pounding out homework (online classes are waaay easy to get behind on by the way). So basically I just feel like my life is going at full speed and I can't stop. I get anxiety just getting on facebook at night before bed, because there certainly is something more productive that I SHOULD be doing. I honestly CAN NOT sit still without realizing that I have a massive headache from lack of sleep. Today, I started getting chest pains. What the heck? Am I 80? I have been dealing with ulcer problems the past few weeks, which most definitely is not helping with the whole marathon training!! Basically...what I am trying to I am an absolute MESS! So tonight I went out with my great great friend Luke to Color Me Mine and Roll Up crepes. It was sooo fun to get out and go on a fun date! We are probably THE MOST uncreative people I have ever met, so it took us HOURS to master our "art". But it was fun! Here's some pictures....

This is what my bed room currently looks like. I moved home 3 weeks ago and it looks like I moved home yesterday. Awesome.

If I was ever home, this would give me anxiety.

The beginning stages of our mugs

The finishing stages

I decided to make a summery looking mug that said "life is good" that I can drink hot chocolate out of in the dead of winter next year to cheer me up!

The final products, I can't wait to see them when we pick them up!

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