Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't mess with Trudy

So I live with a boy who suffers from "Only child syndrome". I mean, who can blame him? He has lived at home as the only child for about the last four years now. He feels like he owns the place. So since I have moved back in, he has learned how to share. He doesn't like this whole "sharing with sibs" concept. I have noticed that he has hidden things from me such as toothpaste, so that I don't take all of his. Well most recently (the past 3 days), it has been the Apple Jacks. He HIDES the Apple Jacks from me so he will have more for himself! How rude is that?!?! So Trudy stopped by with a solution to my Apple Jack problem:

On the label that she made on the box it read, "Upon hearing a rumor that the world may be at risk of running out of Apple Jacks, I Trudy Meister, did a quick check down the cereal aisle at a local grocery store to make sure that there is indeed plentiful supply. I found abundant numbers of boxes in various sizes available to be purchased during store hours. AND in multiple quantities if desired! Although I only checked one grocery store I'm optimistic this would be the case where ever one would choose to shop. The three-day "miss-placement" of said cereal in the far back corner of the pantry at the Young's domicile can be a thing of the past. I was thrilled with my findings.
However, given the circumstances, and as a measure of mediation, I feel a form of recompense is called for in this case so I've taken the liberty of purchasing at my own expense a gift of Apple Jacks for the exclusive use and consumption by Miss Kelli Julia Young. At her sole discretion she may do with this box and any and/or all of its contents as she pleases; which may include eat it, smell it, share it, store it, or toss it. This list is not intended to be a complete list of options. It is not recommended that she tease or taunt with it, however. Enjoy your Apple Jacks Kelli Julia, and may I say...and live long and prosper!"

LOVE IT! Don't mess with the Trude-meister! She's got my back!!!

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