Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tomorrow is another day

To say I have had a bad week would be a huuuuge understatement. I have had a TERRIBLE week. One day in particular, I was just DONE. I could not do it anymore. I just needed to spend some time on my own and take it easy. I just kept thinking, "Tomorrow will be another day". I feel like it is okay to dwell on a bad day sometimes, when you have already made up your mind that tomorrow will be better. AND IT WAS! Today was muuuuch better than yesterday, and hopefully tomorrow will be even better than today! Some of the simplist things completely turned my day around:

1. Going out to lunch with my dad
2. Seeing my cute little niece Rylie
3. Getting flowers from a great friend delivered to work just so that I would smile
4. Going running in the small time that there wasn't rain
5. Great home cooked meal by Cath
6. Spending time and just chatting it up with my sister and best friend
7. Doing statistics homework...almost like math right??
8. Downloading new music.
9. My nightly phone call from Zac to talk about our lives and how things are going. LOVE IT.

So as you can tell...days can be turned around by people who matter the most in our lives doing small things to make a HUGE day-changing difference. What difference are you going to make tomorrow?

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