Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving (not so much of a) Break

Thanksgiving break seriously is just a big blur. I always am SOOOO busy when I go home. I love it, but at the same time it's hard because I just want to chill sometimes. When I go home, I am just running around everywhere getting things done and seeing people. I am thankful for all the people that love and care about me and get excited when I come into town. I really am so blessed. So here is a run down of my Thanksgiving week....

Tuesday: Got home, got a pedicure with my mom, played with my niece Allie, went down to the office to help my dad, Went with Jessa to see the newly returned Silas for the first time!!

Wednesday: Went to Physical therapy with mom, went out to my FAVORITE cafe paesan, visited Shannon, worked out, dropped my phone off at the phone store, picked up Kali, took her to the book store and bought Amelia Bedilia (My absolute FAVORITE), took her through the car wash, went back to pick up my phone and I got a BRAND NEW SCRATCHLESS SCREEN (This literally was the highlight of my thanksgiving break), went home and watched a Christmas movie with Kali, had a slumber party in my brand new bed!!

Thursday (Thanksgiving): Made Christmas pictures for Rosie, took Kali home, got ready and went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Young, came home and had Thanksgiving dinner with the family, packed up and went to Park City with my mom and sister for MIDNIGHT MADNESS! We shopped ALLLL night until 5 am, getting fabulous deals on some more grown up clothes!!

Friday: Went to breakfast with Seilers, shopped more (half asleep), slept the whole way home...walked in my house, went straight upstairs, and totally passed out for 4 more hours, woke up and went to the Desert Star with my fam (Bipolar Express- SO GOOD).

Saturday: Went to breakfast at Mimi's with my mom and Keri, organized all of our Christmas presents from Park City, Watched some of the game, put my snowtires on, finished the game, went to the mall with my mom, spent the night with Jessa and her family

Sunday: Went to church, drove through the crazy storm back to Logan.

So as you can tell, I really didn't have a SPARE MINUTE! I was always busy doing stuff!! It was really fun spending time in Orem, especially hanging out with my mom and Jessa. I loved seeing everyone else too, but I especially loved seeing them and laughing until I cried! I really am the luckiest girl I know! Now it's back to real life and getting through finals!! Wish me luck!!

PS- Mystery of the day: I just got back from a Dr. check up and I have lost weight and my heart rate is down to 49...weird thing is I have totally cut back on working out since things have gotten busy with school and basketball. Weird? I think so!!

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