Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lady A

Well, let's just say this week has been SOOO crazy to say the least! Tuesday was the beginning of the craziness! I had school all day, had to stop by the school for a coaches meeting, and then met up with some of my FAVORITE people in Salt Lake for an AMAZING concert! We went to Lady Antebellum! Oh my goodness they are soo RAD! I loooved it! Seriously listened to the CD over and over afterwards. I went with both of my sisters, Devin, Shannon's babysitter, and my personal date: TRUDY! Loved going to a concert with her! She is a professional "concert goer", so we were bound to have a good time! Although it was general admission and we had to stand the whole time, I didn't mind AT ALL! The opening act was reaaalllly good as well. Can't remember his name though...David?? ANYWAYS, we were shakin our little booties the whole time! By the end of the night, my ankle was seriously HUGE from standing at that, going through basketball plays for an hour, and running 8.5 miles on a trail the day before! But it was all so worth it! I am all for living it up if you couldn't tell! That night, I stayed down in Orem and went to the Paragon lunch the next day at La Jolla....loved. Love my summer job + my coworkers. It really is so fun to catch up with them! Wednesday night, my family did the annual tradition of going to Park City and picking out what we want for Christmas (more in another post), and then at 10:30 I left for Logan so I didn't get home until 12:30 and woke up in time for spin class at 7 this morning! Woof! Didn't have any time to rest, as I have had a HUGE test today (wrote a 5 full page essay about how to counsel a client through a exciting) and then I have been catching up on some pretty pressing assignments! So as you can is NOT slowin down anytime soon! I can't wait for the weekend to put together 2 very big projects due on Tuesday and prepare for Basketball tryouts on Monday....eeek!

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