Monday, November 8, 2010

Eventful Weekends

For some reason, I always think that I am either going to get a lot done or get a lot of rest on the weekends and usually neither happens. Things always come up and I do something out of the plan. This weekend was no different. On Friday, we went to the basketball game, and then went to a bonfire that didn't have s'mores so we decided to go home and make out own on our stove! Then were delicious! Then Saturday, I got some basketball things done in the morning and then headed to Salt Lake to meet up with my very best friend from Dixie: Ben! It was soooo good to see him and chat like old times! Since I was down that way, I decided to just stay at my parent's Saturday night and hangout with the fam Sunday. My little bro and I got to watch a chick flick (it's our thing, I love it!) and I got to catch up a little bit on some rest! After dinner, I headed back up to Logan to see the roommates...and other very attractive people.....

Jen, Me, and Kaylee going to the Bon Fire

Attempting roommate jumping pictures....

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