Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just a Typical Thursday Evening...

This week has just been one thing right after the next! I don't really know why that should be surprising though...I am always up to something! After a super busy day catching up in school, I decided I needed to play Thursday night. Vinnie texted me telling me that he was going to the Volleyball game. Well I really wanted to see him, so I told my roommate Kaylee that I wanted to go to the game (conveniently leaving out that I was going to meet up with Vinnie). So as we are going up, Kaylee goes, "I didn't even know you liked Volleyball!" I then responded saying, "I don't, but Vinnie is here." She then proceeded to get very angry that I had left that part out. But I knew that she wouldn't come with me if it was to meet up with a guy and make her the third wheel! I didn't want to walk up to the game alone, come on! But it all turned out well and she was glad she came. After the game, we all went hot tubbing. Hannah never comes, so we had to get a picture to prove she was there!

I have no idea how Volleyball works...

We both pulled the same face and didn't even plan it!

Vinnie kept pullin creeper faces...

I love this picture!

Hanners and I after the Hot Tub!!!

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  1. I wasn't angry, I just thought it was hilarious you tricked me into coming. haha.