Friday, November 5, 2010

Park City

On Wednesday night, my family did the annual tradition of going up to the Park City outlets and picking out what we want for Christmas and going out to eat. This was the first year that I was able to make it, and boy am I glad I came! The whole evening I had the funniest little shopping date holding my hand and chattin away to me: Kali. Man is that kid a treat. She was in the best mood and I was lovin it! She is such a good kid and I love when she wants to be with me and talk to me. I took her into Claires knowing that she would absolutely LOVE it. When we left, she confirmed when she shouted out, "I LOVE CLAIRES! IT'S MY NEW FAVORITE STORE!" so naturally I asked her what her old favorite store was. Her response? THE MALL. Just the whole thing I guess! A few more classic Kali quotes:

For those of you that know about my belly is very much an "Innie" belly button. Like a hole really. Well as I was changing, Kali looks over and goes, "OH MY GOSH!!!! KELLI YOU HAVE A HUGE HOLE IN YOUR BELLY BUTTON!!" Like it was this huge medical emergency! She then proceeded to lift up her entire skirt to show me what a belly button is "supposed" to look like. Thanks a lot!

This other one was pretty classic as well. Kali has stated concerns about me not wanting to get married. She legitimately is concerned that I will never get married. She has tried to counsel me on it many times saying that it would be okay and I would still be able to see my family, and her and I would be able to still play while my husband is at work. So while we were shopping she says, "Kelli, you're 21. My aunt Nicole is 20. She is married and has a baby. She got married a long time ago when she was young. It's time for you to get married now." Such a mess!

Anyway, when we shopped in PC, I didn't go to any of the normal store I go to! I didn't even LOOK at running shoes, workout clothes, jackets, or cool t-shirts. Nothin. Instead, Cath and I went to "Grown up" stores to look for more professional "businesswoman" type clothes. I actually am very pleased with the things I got. I decided it's time to start accumulating professional clothes (SO WEIRD)!

So here are some pictures from the night...I love my family!

Kali, dad, and Rylie

Cath and Ry

Little Miss Happy in her very classy Minnie Mouse hat

Little Miss Allie. All the scrapes on her face? She tried to walk up cement stairs. This kid is the biggest dare-devil I have EVER seen!

Rylie was so worn out by the end of the night, but didn't want to miss anything!

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