Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keeping the Christ in Christmas

So I had some deep thoughts that I was pondering as I was taking my life into my hands for the past 3 hours driving back to Logan (So so sooooooooooooo grateful for my studded snow tires, I didn't slide ONCE). Anyways, I was in some pretty deep thought as I was listening to Christmas music.

As many of you know, I HATE the Holidays. So it's probably surprising to you that I would be listening to Christmas music this early in the season. Cause I am pretty sure the thing I hate very most about Christmas is the cheesy music. But I wasn't listening to cheesy crap, I was listening to what I would define as "Church" Christmas music. Songs such as Silent Night, Joy to the World, etc. These songs celebrate Christ, and that is why I love listening to them.

Listening to these songs made me wonder why I hate Christmas. Then I realized that I hate the holidays, because when I think about them, I think about two main things: Stressed people and being FREEZING. Both things which I absolutely HATE. There really are so many things that I could love about Christmas and probably should change my focus from stress and cold to better things like family and SHOPPING! Right? Right. Well, I decided to change my ways this Christmas season and focus on what it is really about: Christ. His birth, his life, and his death.

I was thinking about how much I really know about him and how much I really understand about the atonement. I would say I know quite a bit, but why not REALLY study him? I decided through this December, I really want to get to know my savior. I decided every day this month I am going to read about him in the New Testament, and read conference talks on the atonement and his life. I don't know, but I just think that maybe it would be a pretty cool experience to spend a whole month just focusing on my savior and getting to know him better. I think that it will make me have a whole new appreciation for Christmas and maybe have a completely different experience this year.

I would encourage everyone to do this during the holiday season. Spend time studying and developing a deeper understanding of your savior. That is what this holiday is about, and how cool would it be to just focus on him this year?

Happy Holidays!

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