Sunday, November 21, 2010

If ya can't beat em'...join em!

Okay so it's inevitable. Winter is here whether I like it or not. But I can't complain, because I had a FAB fall. It's almost the end of November, and the holidays are approaching so I guess it's allowed to be winter. I was driving around with my beanie on and sippin hot chocolate and I was actually getting pretty STOKED for winter! Mostly just for holidays and family and snowboarding. So this is the ONE TIME I will say I am glad it's winter, and I will tell you everything I like about winter....

1. Wearing beanies
2. Wearing all my coats and jackets
3. Spending holidays with family
4. Drinking hot chocolate
5. My uggs
6. Watchin Christmas movies with my mom
7. Snowboarding
8. Basketball season
9. Holiday Treats
10. Making Snowmen!

Okay, so I had a hard time getting to ten things. But that's a start right?? I am trying really hard to stay positive about winter until the holidays are over...then I can't make any promises!! Here are some pictures of some good winter memories...

Christmas time with Jack

Dixie State Christmas party

Who doesn't love doin this???

Maching Jammies with Kali for Christmas

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