Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pictures of My Day

I am back to loving unemployed life. 

Today was AWESOME. 

I started the morning with a hike up to Bell Reservoir, had my FIFTH interview with Chase, then volunteered at Turning Point Centers, then got to see my cute nieces and nephew, then got a massage, then got to see my old time best pal Jessa. 

I don't think I ever want to work again (until tomorrow probably)

 Remember how jacked my hand was when the glass came out?? It's all healed!!

Our Rad Hike

The Lake at the TOP

Charlee is my best friend when she comes over. 

Then she wanted to take her own pictures

I would just like to point out how strong my arm is getting! Thanks to Fit To Recover!

Charlee wanted to look like me haha

I got a new harness and shoes for our sweet Labor Day Weekend trip up to Rock City!!

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