Monday, August 18, 2014

Park City

Unfortunately, I didn't get to race in the Park City Half this last weekend. I am so frustrated with my mystery disease. I was throwing up Thursday/Friday and didn't think it would be the best idea to put my body through a Half Marathon after that. So, instead, we just enjoyed the "Runcation" without the Run part. SO....just a normal vacation! We hit up the shopping, went the "The Giver", ate too much food, played games, slept, and went to the Farmer's Market. A quality weekend!

This is my last week of summer before school starts and I feel really weird about starting school again next week. My life is about to get crazy with classes twice a week in 5 hour blocks, an internship, and a job whenever I find a good fit!

Here's some pics from the weekend with my cute mama!

Guys, this just got real. In a year, I will be a Substance Abuse Counselor. What?! So exciting!

I made my mom go to the Giver with me since this was my favorite book as a kid. After watching it, I have no idea how a 10 year old kid understood this story. Mind blowing!

Shoppin with my mama. Yes, it was actually jacket weather at some points this weekend. Not gonna lie, I am getting the itch to go snowboarding BIG TIME!

My friend suggested I try "oil pulling" as a way to detox my body since I've been so sick lately. It was so weird, but I am willing to try anything!

The hardest part was sitting in a room 5 feet away from my mom and not talking for 20 whole minutes!

I really hope this helps!

Sunday Farmer's Market in Park City is a one of a kind experience!

There were some golden treasures hidden in this place!

Headed home after a quality weekend with Cath! I love getting out of town with my mom. We have some great memories together!

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