Saturday, August 9, 2014

Okay, I'm Over Retirement

So two weeks ago when I quit my job due to medical issues, I was actually excited to have a life that wasn't work. Well, I'm over it. Mostly, because now my life consists of looking for a job, which is just as bad as having a job...except I have no money. I've been sick quite a bit this week again. Grrrr! I have seriously thrown up more in the last 8 months than I ever did my life leading up to this year. SOOOO annoying! It's not the throwing up that bugs me, but it's the intense nausea I constantly feel. Unfortunately, I lost my health insurance (long story) so I can't even get into the Dr's that I was supposed to go see while I am off of work. Kinda pointless, but whatevs. 

Some pics this week: 

Earlier this week, I started out on the White Pine Trail, and somehow ended up at the top of the bunny hills at Snowbird. I'm not complaining, it was a beautiful 6 miles!!

This kid turned 4 this week! She's the coolest kid!

Rylie is obsessed with soccer and jerseys, so for her Bday and a late bday present to Kali, I got us matching RSL gear. The girls were pretty stoked to be matching me! Luckily, I can still fit in 16 year old size shirts!

Rylie got a new bike for her bday and wanted to go riding with me. I always keep my longboard in my trunk so that I can get it out and go for rides with the kids. We have a pretty rad longboard/bike gang. 

Rylie is all about looking tough, so I figured she would dig these eye stickers, but she wasn't into it. Kali and I rocked them on our ride. 


This picture kills me! She's such a tomboy, but somehow doesn't mind having a princess helmet. I guess it's a small price to pay to be able to ride her sweet new bike! She learned without training wheels and is a pro!

I went back to White Pine Trail today and actually stayed on the right trail the whole time. I didn't go all the way to the lake, but ran up 2 miles and down 2 miles. It was pretty rocky and I probably feared for my life once every 20 seconds. No big. My ankle didn't like it so much...might have to do with the fact that it's held together by a bunch of metal....

I am obsessed with trail running. It's the best substitute for snowboarding in the summer in my opinion. 

 This trail is up Little Cottonwood just before you get to Snowbird!

Good Times! Now let's all pray that I find a job and quit throwing up so much this week!

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