Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back To Running Daily

The stars have aligned: 

My back feels great, I have a bunch of time, and I have a race coming up!

This means a lot of trail running is happening the next two weeks!

Last week, I ran up the slopes of Alta. Trust me, it's waaay more fun to ride those trails than it is to run them. Two days later and I still can barely walk!

Since I know I'm way slower than I used to be, I am focusing all my efforts in at least looking good while I am running. My thoughts are...if I am going to be slow, I am going to look good while doing it!

On August 16, I am running the Park City Half. This is mostly a trail race with the first half running straight up the side of the mountain and the second half running down the mountain. I am going to need all sorts of luck getting ready for this!

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