Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fit To Recover

Friends: please watch, share, and donate to this cause. Fit to Recover is an amazing cause to be a part of. Up until the last few months, I felt alone in my recovery. I questioned my long term sobriety. I knew that I wanted to get involved, but I didn't know how. Then, I got introduced to the Founder of Fit to Recover, Ian Acker. He invited me to come out to his bootcamp and weekly process group/run. I started coming, even though it felt uncomfortable to reach outside of my comfort zone. After going just once, I felt like I belonged to something great. I was excited to go back. This cause is exactly what Salt Lake City needs. Please take some time to watch and donate just $10 if possible. If you can't donate, then share. Or do both!

1 comment:

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