Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On a lighter note...

My favorite/Only Nephew

Okay! Enough of the depression! Time to celebrate life! I had the most AMAZING fall break! It was sooo good to be home and see everyone that I got to see. I was SOOO busy the WHOLE weekend! I seriously never even had time to take a "break" and rest. It was worth it, although I am getting sick from being so run down. But who can resist being with the cutest kids in the world and hangin out with my rad parents?! So here is a run down of my fall break...

WEDNESDAY: Danced in the kitchen with Allie, Babysat Rylie and Kali the rest of the night. It is safe to say, I probably won't be a professional "Go Fish" player anytime soon....also...Kali is a big fat CHEATER! Oh well, I like her competitive spirit. AND I am pretty sure I am now Rylie's favorite.

THURSDAY: Visited my grandparents at their assisted living center. It is always good to see them and talk with them. They are two of the most amazing people on this planet. Seriously though. Went to the Pumpkin Patch/Farm with Kali, Kate, and Rylie. Such a warm day and soo fun to enjoy the fall. I LOVE the fall. That night, I went to "The Social Network" with my parents. I thought it was SUPER interesting. Loved. After, I went and saw my favorite people in the WHOLE WORLD! The Agrelius sisters. Such Gems.

FRIDAY: Went to the zoo with the kids, went to dinner/shopping with my very favorite second mother Trudy, watched a scary movie with my dad, saw the Agrelius sisters for the 2nd night in a row and my favorite boys: Jon, TJ, and Dustin!

SATURDAY: Hiked the Y with my brother and dad, went shopping with mom, went to the Real Salt Lake game that night.

SUNDAY: Went to my favorite park 6th ward. Love it there. Visited my grandparents again. Played games with Kate, Dev, Candy, and Dad. My favorite part of the day was being able to see Jack before I left. I love that kid! He is at such a fun age!!

Anyway, as you can tell...I was quite busy! It was super fun, but I think I need a break after my break to catch up on life!

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