Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brain Dead

Oh my goodness. So much goes on in such a small amount of time in my life. I have been SOOO busy! I had a super intense finance exam this morning that has taken up most of my time trying to study and prepare...even though I don't think the combination of waking up at 5:30 to cram and my lucky pencil even did the trick! It was SUCH a tricky test. Why am I in a graduate student finance class? Stupid stupid stupid!! Anyways...things I have been up to:

Shannon and her cute little family came up and stayed in Layton. We went shopping, out to eat, to Lagoon, and then they came up and saw my house and school up here in Logan. It was such a fun weekend to spend with them and I am really glad they came up. That little Allie...for being such a small person, she sure is a BIG handful! I don't know how people have kids...they are a piece of work! But so fun! I really think she might be starting to like me! It might have something to do with buying her a BIG chocolate ice cream while Shannon and Patrick were on a rollercoaster and letting her dive face-first into it.....

Basketball season is less than 2 weeks away, and we are gearing up BIG TIME! We have been having a lot of meetings about how we are going to coach, what we want to teach, our goals, philosophies, plays, drills, etc. I have a feeling it is going to consume most of my time for the next 4 months, but I think it will be worth it! It's soooo intimidating though. I think about my coaches growing up and the big impacts that they have had in my life and it terrifies me that these impressionable kids will be looking up to me. My how the tables have turned!

I made the step from a GIRL to a WOMAN yesterday. Yep, that's right. I am officially growing up. I picked up my packet for my senior practicum. It is a HUGE packet! I have to do this whole application process to get into my 2 internships that are required to graduate. I was stoked to already get a recommendation from one professor, now I just need one more!

It is officially winter. Am I bummed? BIG TIME! I have been wearing all black to mourn the loss of summer. I had to wear thermals under my jeans this morning. Woof. I HATE the cold more than anything. I hate the feeling of being stuck inside all day. I hate wet jeans. I hate getting a stiff neck/back from being cold. I hate wearing shoes. I hate having cold hands/feet. Basically I hate everything about the cold. I still don't know why I live in Logan....

Well, I am not a huge fan of lengthy, boring posts which is what this post has kinda turned out to I will wrap up. For your childhood....

I really was so unfortunate looking...

Man wasn't that sooo funny when you made someone look like a bunny?

This is just classic...

I think my face might have stuck like that?

How sad would that be if you didn't have a twin to dress up with on twin day?

This describes my childhood perfectly

I think I still have that dance memorized if ya wanna see it

I never did like people gettin in my space

Man, I should have modeled

How awful is this picture??

I think I REALLY tried dressing like a boy

The famous short hair days...

Wow! Those shoes really add to the whole ensemble

High School

Girls Camp

So I always got made fun of for being friends with old people. I never believed it was true, until I saw this picture of me hanging out with all the old people...
Can't forget this! Serenading the famous Dana Robison!


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