Friday, October 8, 2010

My dad is a BIG deal!

Hiking the Andes

Supporting me after my marathon

Going on a "date" after my surgery

So today, my dad received a KSL "high 5" and was on TV early this morning. You can go to KSL by clicking here and watch it.

He is a pretty rad dude and is a big deal with a lot of things. He really is the smartest person I know and an amazing businessman. I look up to him so much from a business student standpoint.

He also is a big deal with hunting. I never realized it, but he really is! He has tons of "trophies" and is in a lot of hunting magazines.

From a daughter standpoint, he is the best dad ever. He is always a good listener and always has awesome advice. I have never felt judged or less loved by him EVER. He always has unconditional love for his kids and will do anything to make them happy. I am a pretty lucky kid to have such a good example of a hard worker, determined, smart, funny, spiritual, giving, and loving person in my life. I love going home and just chattin with him about finance and sports. Last Saturday, I was going to go out with my friends, but I ended up doing finance homework with him and just chattin it up about what's been going on in my life and getting advice from him. Anyway, I just think he's super rad and I love him SO MUCH!!

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  1. Kelli,
    I LOVED that, you are a sweet sweet daughter and a wonderful niece!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Laurie V.