Saturday, October 9, 2010


This week has been CRAZZZY!! I had FIVE midterms within a week and a half. Pretty much I was the most anti-social I have been all semester. I am very intense when it comes to taking tests and doing well. The results so far? 96%, 100%, 87%, and 100%!! I am very proud of myself for how well I did on all my midterms. I worked very hard. I am still waiting on my finance midterm which could be a little scary considering we had to do time value of money calculations and those are really going to be the death of me this semsester!

But anyways, to kick off my weekend of FREEDOM, Brady took me to dinner and the hockey game. It was really fun! We went to Smokin' Blues, which is a small little BBQ joint up here. I really liked my chili, but Brady wasn't too thrilled about his pork platter. He's a North Carolina boy and expects more out of his BBQ, which is definitely understandable. We also made the decision to just move to NC and live on the beach for the rest of our lives...I think it's a wonderful idea!! Except he's a Duke fan and that won't work for me....

After dinner, we went to the USU Hockey game and it was really fun! I love going to Hockey games up here. People make a big deal out of Hockey up here so it was pretty rad.

Anyways, thanks Brady for the awesome night and kickin off the weekend right!!

Here's some pics of the game...
We can't take normal "cute" pictures...

The game (I wish I understood hockey better...)

The Goalie

Our "Myspace" face...Brady looks more like Zoolander though

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