Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aunt Telli

Life has been super weird lately. I just haven't been myself and I have let things get to me that normally wouldn't. I started feeling uncomfortable with myself and not liking who I was being. I don't really know how to explain it, but things definitely have been stressful in a very weird way.

As a result, this past week, I have been SOO homesick. I felt like a freshman who was on her own for the first time ALLLLL over again. I couldn't even call home, because it would just make me want to go home. There were days where I would get in my car and almost just drive home, because I just wanted my family. It was reallllly weird for me to feel that needy and dependent on my family. was the first day of my fall break. I couldn't get out of Logan fast enough! Once I started driving towards home and family, I just felt the stress melting away. Instantly, when I got home, I got to see my niece Allie. She was totally exhausted and just cuddled up on me and fell asleep. I LOVED IT! When she woke up, I fed her snacks and turned on my phone and LET LOOSE! We started dancing all over the kitchen. She was loving it! Shakin her booty and laughin her head off. It felt SOOO good!

Tonight, I babysat Kali and Rylie. I loved it!! Kali and I ALWAYS have a blast together. We have had a special bond ever since she was born when I was 16. We had a night full of treats, go fish, memory, ice cream, and of course, good conversation. It felt sooooo good just to feel at home with these two little girls who just think the world of me. I finally felt like myself again, and for the first time in days...I knew life would be okay and work itself out.

I am going to spend the majority of my vacation with the kids and I think it will be EXACTLY what I need. Friday, we are all heading to the zoo. The kids are STOKED! I can't wait!

Kali and I trying to make Carlie's face

Making Halloween cookies last year

Lake Powell

This is her signature "silly" face

This is her signature "GET AWAY FROM ME TELLI" face

This is from back in the day when she called me "Telli" and always wanted to wear my "Titty Tote" (she called it a kitty coat cause of the fur)

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