Thursday, October 28, 2010

Betcha didnt Know...

Kelli Julia Young

Well, I have an unexpected extra hour of free time today! That would be great, if I didn't have to go to class in an hour. I would just go home and get things done. But, it is quite inconvenient to go to and from campus. Woof. Soooo here are some random facts I bet you didn't know about me...let me think...

1. I love reading LDS romance novels.
2. Number one creature that terrifies me the most: Alligators
3. I will never go on another cruise as long as I live.
4. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a professional ice skater.
5. I love Wingers...but I don't have a regular thing that I like. Just the popcorn alone has me sold!
6. When I was younger, a little boy jumped in the road and my mom slammed on her breaks but still hit him (he was fine). But I STILL have anxiety when I cross the street.
7. I will only listen to country music in the summer. If I listen to it in the winter, it just makes me depressed that it isn't summer.
8. I have only done baptisms for the dead twice in my entire life.
9. I was in musicals as a child. Most famous role: Aunty Em in Wizard of Oz. I had a solo!
10. When I was younger, I reallly wanted to do Karate, I wore my Karate uniform everywhere and told everyone that I took lessons. Never did.
11. In first grade, I cheated on spelling tests.
12. If I have a whole stick of gum, I get nauseated.
13. I have a REALLY good lisp.
14. I absolutely HATE chinese food.
15. There is nothing that gets on my nerves more than when people use the word "Epic" or wear peace sign things and do peace signs in pictures.
16. I am awful at hand-eye coordination sports (besides bball).
17. Favorite Holiday: Halloweeen. Hated Holiday: Christmas.
18. The first time I remember swearing, I warned Rachel to cover up her ears and told these boys to get their asses off our sledding hill. When Rachel uncovered her ears, I said, "Don't worry I will repent later."
19. I once was chased by three Samoan girls because I made fun of their weight in 7th grade.
20. There is NOTHING I hate more than receiving the Silent Treatment. Like seriously. I stay up at night worrying, get stomach aches, and have even thrown up from feeling so bad that I caused someone to completely shut me out.
21. When I was younger, I met a Japanese lady on an airplane going to Hawaii. She didn't speak any English. We were then "Pen pals" for the next few years and she would send me Japanese gifts.
22. I have honestly always believed that I was allergic to DI and Savers.
23. I am TERRIFIED of teenage girls.
24. In 3rd grade, I killed the class pet.
25. My middle name isn't really Julia.

So there's some random facts off the top of my head. I always think of good ones to share, but never write them down. I will start writing them down, cause they are pretty funny. I am full of surprises!

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