Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How To Cope

I am becoming the master of getting through tough drug cravings. Addicts crave their drug of choice as if it is as important to their existence as food, water, shelter, sex, etc. Therefore, when we say that we are craving, it means we feel like we are going to die unless we use our drug of choice. Imagine if someone told you that you could no longer have water- that's basically how I feel when I crave my drug of choice. 

Since these cravings are so intense and hard to manage, I have created a "craving protocol" that I follow. 

#1- TELL SOMEONE. This one is really important. An addiction  LOVES being secret. It's kind of like how mold loves dark moist places- addictions love secrets. If nobody knows I am craving, then my brain can go wild and I will most likely relapse. If I tell someone, then I can feel heard and validated and receive the support I need and get out of my head.

#2- Mindful Activities. This means doing things that require my full attention to live in that exact moment. If I am so focused on the present, then I can't worry about the past or the future then my craving will usually calm down. My favorite mindful activities lately are running, work, and snowboarding. On Saturday, I was craving SOOO bad. I knew exactly what I needed and hit the slopes and then went running. 

#3- Visit My Rock Bottom. My rock bottom moment was so clear and vivid, that I have the opportunity to visit myself in that moment and remember where I was. I remember why I don't want to use drugs, because I never want to fall that low again. I remember how beautiful it was that I decided in that exact moment that I wanted to LIVE and have been fighting for my life ever since. 

#4- Spend Time With Loved Ones. This usually involves spending time with my nieces and nephew for me. Spending time with them allows me to see how important I am in their lives and how much I want to stick around for them. Being with kids also allows me to focus on the moment. 

So those are the main things that I have turned to over the past few months. I can't believe I have been sober almost three months. I am so grateful and lucky to have my sobriety. I will never take a day of sobriety for granted again, because it truly is a gift from my Heavenly Father that I got to stick around and finish out whatever purpose he has for me. 

Phone picture dump:

When I was in rehab, we learned about the important of proper nutrition while our bodies heal from our addictions. I have turned into a complete health freak! I'm all about whole foods- no gluten, sugar, or white flour. I eat a massive bowl of fruit every single day and LOVE it! I am 1000% convinced that my healthy eating habits are the reason that I have been able to easily whip out 6 mile runs after taking 3 months off!

I was pretty much obsessed with my outfit that day. 

I make 125 or more phone calls a day at my new job. Talking on the phone all day really takes it out of you!

This Saturday I did so many of my favorite things: Snowboarding, Grocery shopping at Whole Foods, Running Sugar House Park, Visited the little girls, and may or may not have hooked up with an undisclosed male to top it all off!

Today at work, our servers were down. Luckily, I always have extra running clothes and shoes in my car and hit up Sugarhouse Park for a quick 6 miles! Just what my day needed!

Running this park never ever gets old.

The days of being tan all the time ended when I graduated college aka became too smart to allow myself to go tanning all the time. 

Seriously, how perfect was it that I had running stuff ready in my car?!

Life is GOOD!

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