Saturday, March 15, 2014

Begin Again

If you haven't noticed, I crave chaos. I love making BIG changes like moving and changing jobs (clearly, as I have been a nomad for the past year). I am finally settling into a new comfortable and I couldn't be happier. 

I took a new job as a Loan Officer at a company down town called RanLife. My realtor worked for them and recommended me for the job, along with some other old friends from an old job. I have been there two weeks and already feel really comfortable there. I fit right in! I am in the process of getting licensed in 5 states. Right now I am in Utah, Virginia, Washington, Texas, and soon to be Florida when I pass the test. When I got the job, I felt like it was exactly right for my situation. I haven't felt that way about a job since I worked in DC. I am very excited about my future there. 

I got a new roommate who I already adore. She's so cute/clean/fun/PERFECT! After my robbery experience, I have been pretty turned off to opening my home to new people. My new roommate has really helped me overcome those feelings and my frustration with that situation. 

I am finally feeling like I am settling into my new life up here. I am getting more involved in the single's ward up here and everyone has been so nice and welcoming. I feel like this new normal is exactly where I am supposed to be. 

Since I got out of rehab, I got a new therapist (the same therapist I worked with in rehab). This was also a huge change. I couldn't feel more right about this fit. We get along great and have so much in common. I love seeing her every week and checking in with myself about what triggers I am currently feeling and where my head is at in regards to the relapse cycle. 

Spring represents new growth and change and I am so excited to feel my own personal spring in my life!

I already feel so comfortable at RanLife. I am excited about the possibility of staying here for many years to come. Best part- they are moving offices to right by my house! How perfect is that?!

I got the cutest new plates, cups, and bowls from Target! My house is finally feeling like a home!

Throughout the past few months as my body has been healing and detoxing, I have been unbelievably sick. It has really taken determination and healthy eating habits to get me through the days. I can't wait until my body is healed and I start feeling more like myself. A physical daily reminder of what the drugs did is probably for the best right now though. 

Ry and I took advantage of the warm weather and played outside on my long board and her scooter! I can't wait for warm weather!

I find myself getting sad that this kid is growing up. It's fun to see her learn new things and develop such a fun personality, but I will definitely be sad when she's a big kid!

Since I'm a Loan Officer now, I decided I should probably try to look smarter...

I'm two months sober and that is probably the most genuine smile this blog has seen in two years. I am so happy!

It's VERY RARE that I get off work when there's enough daylight and I have enough energy to run. I can't believe how out of shape I am! A mile was harder than I remember!

Thanks for the continued love and support! I attribute A LOT of my sobriety success to sharing my story on my blog and I am still amazed by the overwhelming support I received! Thanks!

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