Saturday, February 15, 2014


I am seriously still in shock about this. 

About a week ago, I got a new renter in my house. She seemed like a really cute girl. I met her parents who seemed like really nice people, and it honestly felt like everything was just falling into place. I was really excited to get some renters in here to help cover some of the costs and have some new friends up here in SLC. Everything seemed great with this new girl and she seemed like she would be a good fit. 

Or so I thought.

Yesterday morning, I couldn't find my brand new watch. This was really unusual, because if you know me really well, you probably also know that I am very OCD about where my stuff goes. I HATE losing things, therefore I make sure everything is put away correctly.

I went to work and was still bothered. I had no idea where my new watch was and it was bugging me that I couldn't remember. I was so annoyed, that I decided to go home during my lunch to find it. I got home and searched everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found.

Then, I realized my ipod that is usually on my nightstand was also missing. How annoying! When did I ever lose two expensive things at once?

Then, I looked for a new shirt I bought just a few days prior. That was missing too. By this time, I was freaking out. I NEVER lose stuff, so to lose this many things wasn't normal. Next, I realized my new pants and leggings were missing. I checked everywhere. 

I looked under my bed to see if my clothes fell under there. That's when I realized my longboard was gone.

There was only one person who had access to my room: The new roommate. 

I decided to send a casual text to her asking if she had seen my watch around. She lied and said she didn't. Then, I said, "Actually, a lot of stuff is missing, so I am just going to call the police." That's when I got a confession. 

Apparently, she was a Heroine addict and pawned off my longboard and ipod to pay off some dealers she owed money to. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! life. 

Also, she left her friend in my house for about a half an hour and the friend decided she wanted a new wardrobe and ripped of half of my clothes. Like I wouldn't notice half my clothes were missing...most of them I have bought in the past few months. 

Today, I got a whole garbage bag of my clothes back, and I'm still missing a bunch. 

Like I said, I'm still just shocked. 

I'm supposedly getting everything back Monday. I hope. I really just want my stuff back. Here's some clothes that are still gone: 

This cute cute silk SUPER expensive top from the Loft I just got. 

One of my favorite shirts.

My favorite pearl snap

My new leggings

These stripped pants

The tank top from this outfit. 

The shirt in this pic that I wore ONCE. 

Those are just a few that I have pictures of me wearing them. I'm SUPER OCD about my clothes, so luckily I think I made a pretty good list of everything that's gone. Keep me in your prayers!


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    1. Hey, at least we got to see you in that shirt the ONE time you wore it! Hope everything works out and you don't have to deal with any more crap from your roomie...
      PS- Unlike Jana, I'm Blogger illiterate. Hence the deleted comment...