Thursday, February 20, 2014

Carry On

Everyone close to me knows that this past year has just been one crazy thing after another. 

I never wrote about this, because it wasn't my story to tell, but back in June I experienced an insane freak accident. I was hiking with my friends, and a huge boulder fell on this girl right next to me. Like our shoulders were touching, and a 300 pound rock smashed her face and broke her femur. It easily could have been me that got smashed. It was insane. I had to get PTSD therapy for like a week after that experience. 

I share that example, because I have had so many random freak accident type things happen to  me this past year. It has been one test after another. 

This past week, I have been stressed out of my mind. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't be in my house. I got told that my clothes were gone and nobody knows where they are. That's what happens when your robbers are high on Heroine when they steal your stuff- they don't know what they took or where it is. Anyway, when that happened, I was overwhelmingly physically sick. When I get stressed, my body wigs out. I threw up that entire day. The stress just pushed me over the edge. 

Luckily, I have a mom that knows how to make things better. We spent that night buying new clothes online. She kept encouraging me that it would be okay and we were going to make it through this. She was right. 

Finally, I was able to accept the situation. It sucked. The reason I was so bummed about the clothes was because they meant something. They were all clothes I bought after rehab. I was finally able to enjoy my life and my money and have a fresh start. They represented that fresh start, and then they were taken from me right under my nose. The whole situation just completely sucked. But, that's life and I am stronger than all of that crap.

I finally accepted it and decided to carry on. Once I was able to accept it, my body calmed down. I left work early and went to bed at 3:00pm (I'm sick too, so I needed rest). I slept through the entire night. I woke up feeling SOOO much better. My body and mind are finally at peace. I will be okay. This is just one more challenge that I overcame. 

If I can overcome an addiction, I can overcome anything.

Carry on!

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