Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time To Have Fun Again

So I kinda got caught up in trying to be perfect at recovery. I'm such a spaz sometimes. When I was talking about how stressed out I was to my therapist, she said something that shocked me. She said, "I have seen you nearly 200 times in the past year, and I don't even know what you like to do for fun- I challenge you to have fun!"

Challenge Accepted. 

Some fun things I have done: Family dinner and game night, my niece Charly's 2nd birthday party, got a massage, slumber party with the kids, snowboarding, P!nk concert, hang out with old friends, shop, shop, and waaaay too much shopping. I can't wait to start working out again. I have been sooo sick from detoxing the past 6 weeks that I haven't been able to work out. 

Some things happening this weekend: Roadtrip to Logan to guest speak at my old major class with my mama, Lady Antebellum concert, snowboarding, family time. 

I seriously could not believe someone who I have met with for nearly 200 hours in the past year didn't even know what I liked to do for fun. 

Everything usually has to be productive or competitive for me. Time to take it easy and enjoy life. 

Playing games with the kids

This gorgeous little girl didn't feel like wearing clothes to her party. She does what she wants!

When the girls slept over, they asked if I was gonna make breakfast. Yeah right! We went to Dennys!

Pink was SO rad!

My cute mom has been my ROCK these past couple of months. I am so excited that she's driving up to Logan with me!

Finally using my Snowbird pass!

This is what you look like when kids sleep on top of you all night. I am not ready for motherhood. 

So nice to get some good air

I got myself into a lot of trouble at the Loft this week!

You're looking at some pool champs right here!

Matt is one of my best supporters. I don't know what I would do without him. 

Yet another new Loft outfit. It just feels so good to  get all cute again. I guess my outsides are reflecting my insides. 

I have been amazed at the amount of people who have noticed a difference in my appearance. I get compliments on my healthy and happy looks all the time. I am so humbled and grateful by the love and support I receive daily. 

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