Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Fun Times

Such a fun week!

On Thursday night, my mama and I drove up to Logan. We ate at our favorte: The Beehive Grill with the gorgeous Ashley (my roommate from DC). 

The next morning, I headed up to the USU campus to teach at 8:30. I remember now why I hate Logan. Walking across campus in January is TERRIBLE! It was fun seeing all of my old professors and my pal Melissa who was kind enough to sit in while I spoke. I have the best friends! I took the rest of the morning to interview students for an internship that I am offering this summer. So much fun!

After that, my mom and I had a girls day and spent the entire day shopping! So much fun! 

That night, Kate and I went to Lady Antebellum. It was our second time seeing them- that's how amazing they are in concert. Weirdest thing though! We got shhhhhhh'd during the concert? Apparently the old lady in front of us thought she was at the Ballet and didn't like how loud it was. They were still amazing! So glad I impulsively bought tickets 4 days before!

Today I was planning on going boarding, but that didn't happen since I woke up at 1:30. Instead I went on my first run of 2014 almost a month later! I ran 5 miles and my lungs hate me! 

Some pics:

Ash and I were too busy chattin to get a picture in Logan so a picture from DC will do. Ashley is the gorgeous girl on the left. She will always and forever be my person! Love ya ash!!

If I die this week- it's because Katie killed me for posting this picture muahahahaha

People always say we look like sisters. This is the first time I might actually agree!

Such a fun concert! Besides wanting to punch our shusher in the mouth!

I changed some things around in my house. It's still a work in progress!

It actually wasn't too cold, but the air quality is terrible!

My new Brooks Run Happy shirt. I love it!

Kelli's week of fun was a success!!

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