Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sweeeeeet Weekend

Normally, I am a really hyper person. I am busy alllll the time and mostly love it, but sometimes hate it. This weekend, the goal was to totally re-charge and have some "Kelli Time". It was EXACTLY what I needed this weekend. I watched Netflix, went running, hung out with an awesome friend, went into work for a little bit, and spent time with the fam! Loved it!

My goal this weekend was to run twice. I did it! I have been so caught up in so many things the past few months, that running was off the table. It felt awesome to get some endorphins twice this weekend!

Girls dinner with my favorite girls!

We have way cool party tricks. 

I got a BED!!! WAHOOOOO!!!

Ry was being blinded by the sunset, so she decided to borrow my sunglasses. She thought she was pretty funny!

Successful Weekend!

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