Saturday, April 27, 2013


We made it to my city at 7:30 this morning!! I seriously am so happy to be back in this place! It's like I never left! I love the city and the area soooooo much! 

Kate and I got to the hotel and crashed this morning, but then hit the pavement hard and saw a TON of things!

Here's a run down: 

Arlington Cemetery

Georgetown (to pick up my race packet)

Good Stuff Eatery

Library of Congress


Supreme Court

White House

WWII Memorial

Vietnam Wall

Lincoln Memorial 

911 Memorial

Yeah, we are pretty much professional walkers. I am not quite sure how I am going to run 13 miles in the morning...hmmm...

Beware of suuuuuper cheesy faces in EVERY picture!

I was waaaay happy to be back in DC 

I have literally craved this shake EVERY DAY for an entire year. I was in HEAVEN!

We finally found someone to take a picture of both of us at the Lincoln Memorial. 

Arlington will always and forever be one of my favorite places. 

I was SOOOO excited to show Katie how big this escalator was....and then my sunglasses literally fell down the entire escalator. Luckily, a kind soul saved them for me. 

 My cute little DC first-timer. 

There was a name wall with everyone running the race. I felt pretty famous!

Nike Women's Half!

Library of Congress

The Capital!!!

Supreme Court= Always and forever my favorite building.

This park was very special to me, because it is where I ate lunch EVERY DAY with my sandwich club buddies when I lived here!

The White House

Washington Monument apparently is under construction

 WWII Memorial

This is the spot where MLK gave his "I Have A Dream" Speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

Suuuuuch a great day! Can't wait to hit it hard tomorrow!!!

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