Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Life According To My Phone

Honestly, not too many exciting things are happening lately. I have been very focused on studying for all of my licensing exams, work, and finishing up the move. I seriously don't understand how anyone has time to grocery shop, do laundry, eat, sleep, etc, etc. I have been battling a sinus infection for the past week and I think the exhaustion is finally catching up to me! There just aren't enough hours in every day! But, life is good. I love being in SLC...especially my five minute commute to work every day. The social scene up here is 10000 times + tax better than living in Utah County. 

Here's some crap from my phone lately...

This is the typical Sunday activity after working 50 hours every week!

I have been spending some quality time with my favorite kids. This kid is gonna be such a baller when she grows up. She LOOOOVES soccer. We were meant to be best pals!

How do you ever say no to that face??

If you talked to me at all this past week, you probably knew I was stressed out of my mind about completing a 20 hour class and passing the final within a week on top of a loooong work week. 100% never felt SOOO good. 

In the car, Ry said "Kelli, turn Bieber on!" She knows every word to "Baby"

I mean, seriously! Look at that form!

I took Ry bed shopping with me one evening after work. She was in HEAVEN!

Not living with these kids is DEFINITELY the worst part of living in SLC. 

The next two are videos of Rylie. They are pretty hilarious. If I am stressed at work, I take a minute and watch these. She's the perfect example of just being happy and living in the moment!

Guess what?! I get to sleep on a REAL bed tomorrow! I don't think I can ever sleep on an air mattress again! 

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