Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Friends are Cooler Than Yours

Sooo I was SUPPOSED to go play in Moab with a bunch of SLC peeps this weekend. Unfortunately, some stuff came up and I decided I should probably study for a licensing test that I scheduled to take next week. Since I decided to be responsible, I decided it was only fair that I played all day Saturday! Lately, I have been going into work on Saturdays, but not this weekend! This Saturday was reserved for chillin with my best pals. They are moving this weekend, so I hung out with the kids while the adults worked. It was so much fun just to live in the moment, dance, blast Justin Bieber in my car, laugh uncontrollably, and of course- eat loooots of chocolate! Here's some pics:

Kali's school had a mile run and a 5K. Naturally, I was the designated running partner since we are running partners. We ran the entire mile holding hands. That was quite the experience!

My running partner is the coolest. 

These last two pictures are my all time favorites. The girls always are doing my hair, so naturally I thought it would be funny for them to do their grandpa's hair. He was a good sport!

I could hang out with these kids all day every day minus the temper tantrums and diaper changes. Yeah, I think I am just gonna stick with being the favorite aunt for at least the next ten years!

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  1. For some reason I mistook your background music for either 1. A softcore porno 2. A bad popup window that was taking over my computer, or 3. Hahaha