Friday, April 26, 2013

Licensed Adult?

Hey guess what? I passed my NMLS test on Monday and can now originate mortgage loans in 30 states. Pretty neat eh? I actually was offered two positions recently. I could go straight to becoming a loan officer and work on commissions, or could have a pretty sweet raise and process loans for the next little while and keep learning until I feel more comfortable originating loans. I decided the best thing for me to do was to take the processing position. For whatever reason, you have to be licensed to process loans in Kentucky, so I am now the sole Kentucky processor in my company. Pretty sweet job security right??

Kate and I are headed out to DC tonight for another Runcation. I got into the Nike Women's Half, which I have been STOKED about. The only problem is that I have actually been so stressed out lately and so tense that my rib in my back is completely out of place. The chiropractor I go to said it's the worst he's ever seen, and thinks they will probably have to put me under and get it back into place. So I will now be running 13.1 miles with a jacked up back! I'm still really excited for a fun weekend in my favorite city with my sister. The only training I have done for this race is walking upstairs in my office building to get diet cokes every few hours. That counts right??

I need more quality time with these kids in my life. Dang work!

Words cannot express how relieved I was to see the "Pass" at the end. I thought I failed for sure. I even got so stressed I ate every single morsel of chocolate in sight on test day! That's when you know you're too stressed. I am so grateful for my ability to take tests under pressure. 

I feel like I grown up now. Woof. 

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