Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Triple Tangent Sick Day

Alright, let's get right down to the tangents:

1. Who knew that 2-3 hours of sleep + running a half marathon = suppressed immune system and getting sick? Boooooo! I have been in overdrive the past few weeks, and the half marathon threw me over the edge. Luckily, after I went to the school from 7-10am this morning, I decided I could afford to take the rest of the day off and get some rest. I haaaaaaate being sick. Not being productive or running makes me go INSANE!! Luckily, Netflix has taken the edge off...for today. After today, I officially will declare myself "unsick" and will resume to my productive lifestyle. I am ALMOST to the end of my undergraduate career!! I can see the finish line!! Speaking of finish lines, I just saw my race results and I ended up being 24th out of 412 in my age division. I feel really good about that!!

Subtangent: Last week, I carb loaded by the book. 65% of my calories came from carbs. It was heavenly. Burritos, pizza, bread...you name it, I had it. I LOVED it. But once that race was over, I was having some serious vegetable and salad withdrawals. Who in the world has vegetable withdrawals? People who are crazy enough to run long distances for fun, that's who!

2. I am living in extreme guilt. I failed my most favorite holiday. My Halloween was spent at the USU Library. BOOOOO! I never ever ever thought I would be the type to betray my favorite holiday for homework!! The idea of graduating makes people do crazy things, like be productive and get their homework done. The thought of not passing and being stuck in school was faaar worse than missing my favorite holiday. The only "candy" consumed was cough drops (they really do taste like candy though), and I never even dressed up. I'm sorry Halloween, I have failed you. I will make it up to you the next 50 years by going all out every single year. I will NEVER cheat on you with homework again! I learned my lesson!

3. Being the favorite aunt is AWESOME. We had a "grandkid" Halloween party last week, and it was FABULOUS. Being the "cool adult" is something that I always strive for. There is something about pumping those kids full of sugar, building forts that have secret passwords, and teaching them new games like Don't Eat Pete that is just sooo much fun! Those kids are pretty great, and I miss them so much when I'm not in the same city as them! Here's some pics from the party last weekend:

"Crappaw Davey" and Rylie and Savannah

Cute little Jack felt bad because his mask made Rylie cry, so he made up his own scary face without a mask

Really good huh?

She looked like she needed an oreo, so of course I took it upon myself to give her one

Allie was dressed up as an Asian. I wish she would've kept her long black wig on for the picture!

Still making scary faces

Story time with Grandma Cath

Jack would get really excited when he found a cashew in his trail mix, this is him doing his "happy cashew dance"...I wonder who taught him that?

I just love these kids so much!!

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