Friday, November 4, 2011


In about 3 months, I will be seeing this building EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!!!

I am quite literally still in shock 24 hours later. I can't believe that I actually got an internship in Washington D.C. It really is AMAZING how easily pieces fit together when something is right. And let me tell you...I am sooooooooo glad the guy upstairs decided this was something that was right for me at this point in my life!! So here's a little recap of the pieces...

  • My teacher sends me job openings all the time. In June, she sent one for Washington D.C. and the seed was officially planted. I wanted to move to D.C. after graduation and experience something new...the only problem was...I had no idea how to get there. 
  • The first week of school, I met with my teacher and told her that I wanted to go to D.C. after graduation and I didn't care what crappy job I had to have to get my foot in the door. She told me, "Create the opportunity. If you want to do something, then do it and don't let fear give you excuses for why you shouldn't."
  • About 2 months of not creating opportunity...I decided that I would rather move back home and snowboard all winter long...I mean, I have worked hard in school and I deserve a break, right?
  • THE NEXT DAY...a guy came into my class and discussed internship opportunities in Washington D.C.... coincidence? Probably not.
  • A week later I interviewed for three positions
  • A week later I sold my spring apartment contract in Logan
  • A week later I got a phone call from Mike Lee's office asking me if I would like to intern for them!!
I still can't believe it. I was FREAKING out! I literally went to the mall and walked around looking at clothes, but not actually looking. My mind just RACED. I seriously CANNOT believe it. My interview with their office was the ONE interview that I felt I did horribly in. I didn't think I stood a chance. Their office holds interviews at every school from USU to Dixie and I was the first of about 50 interview across the state. The odds were COMPLETELY against me! I completely believe that the big guy upstairs definitely helped me out with this one. 

So, my first day of work is at 9am on January 9th. I work for four months out there, and will probably leave a little bit early so that I can attend my graduation in May. I have housing set up right next to the metro station, so my poor car will be neglected for the winter. I am literally ecstatic about the opportunity to learn and have a new adventure!!

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