Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Time

This week has been a blur. So many activities all packed into just a few days! Thanksgiving was great. Good food, good people, and a beautiful day! Shannon and I busted out 5 miles before our big feast. Then the whole family came over for the big dinner and the annual "say what you are thankful for". Don't worry, I said I was thankful for Diet Coke! I also somehow still sat at the kid's table. I am guessing I will forever be at the kid's table! It might be because my six year old niece is more mature than I am. After the festivities, we ran up to Park City to shop the black Friday sales ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. I don't know why we put ourselves through it every year, but I was WAY more sore after shopping than the Half Marathon I just did. It seriously is HARD CORE. When we got back from PC, Alex and I went on a fun double date bowling (I didn't take any pics of the night, sorry!) Today, Alex and I went running (he DOMINATED me and never goes running) and then spent the evening doing many activities with our Australian friend, including getting "mocktails" at Spark in Provo. It has been a GREAT break! Not much sleep has been happening, but I have LOVED spending time with great people and getting a little break before the last few weeks of school! Here's some pics....

The Cool People Table



My gorgeous sister!!

Patrick and Allie

Rylie- Can you believe how big she is getting?!?! It makes me so sad!!


Jack saying "Cheese!"

Rylie LOOOVES Grandma

This is when Jack was lecturing my mom that he wasn't going to smile or say "Happy Thanksgiving". He was sick of taking pictures and wanted to play with his car.

My running buddy!

My bestest friend

Savannah LOVED Caroline

Our Mocktails. Nice Peace sign Alex (he knows how much I HATE cliche peace sign pictures)


It's getting to the time of year where I HATE pictures, because I am so white. Don't expect as many pictures for the next three or four months!!

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