Sunday, November 20, 2011


Wow! What a week! My life is becoming a big blur of craziness these days! This past week, I had the opportunity to attend a conference in Florida called AFCPE. Basically, it is where you go to learn about new research in the financial counseling field and learn how to better serve your clients. It was a really cool experience meeting tons of people around the country who have the same passions and interests. I met a lot of graduation school and employer recruits, which was really fun! I roomed with two girls from Florida that were really cute! I had an awesome missionary opportunity with them and was able to discuss my beliefs and my testimony. It made me really excited to move out of Utah for the next few months! It was a GREAT trip, but I am straight up WORN OUT! I didn't take too many pictures, but I took a few from my camera, so here's a few pictures from the trip:

While I was trying my very hardest to act and look like a big kid this week...I still brought my Strawberry Shortcake wallet. I really enjoyed the looks I got when I would pull that sucker out. Alex told me, "That's really cute, but why don't you just tell the muggers you are a naive little girl?" 

This was the view just outside my hotel room window in Jacksonville

The night view was really cool with the blue lights

The Utah State crew. I was BY FAR the youngest person at the conference.

Biggest chocolate cake of my life = HEAVEN

I took this after Alex told me he was at one of my favorite places to eat in Provo. I was so bummed out that I had to sit at a fancy luncheon. By this point in the trip, I was SOOO done acting like a grown up. 

Before I left, Kali said "Kelli call me when you're in the gift shop so I can tell you what I want". WOW! That kid is way too spoiled by her aunt. I got her and Alex these cute little mint tins. 

I am one of those weird people who enjoys running and watching fox news on vacation!

....and watching Fox News on an airplane

Across the bridge, there were really cool colored fountains and AWESOME patriotic music. It was one of my favorite things.

Walking across the bridge (phone shots aren't the best)

 I got back in the middle of the night to my car looking like this. Nothing like getting slapped in the face by reality!


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