Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

Last weekend was one of those "refreshing" weekends. I had a GREAT weekend down in Orem with the family and great friends. I came back to Logan last night feeling totally rejuvenated and excited for the upcoming week of school. Ever since I got news about my internship, I have just been in a GREAT mood (and I surprisingly haven't even run since my half marathon)! Speaking of running, I have come up with some things that I want to do for sure while I am out there which includes running the Rock N Roll Half Marathon on March 17 and going to a UNC basketball game! I am still in shock that I am going to be moving across the country in 2 months, but SOOOO excited!! 

Okay, onto the tangents:

New Boutique at Riverwoods in Provo = LOOOOVE. So unique and different. I went with my mom and we were both just loving the great styles and clothes they had. I want to get my whole D.C. wardrobe from there!!

Thank you, Ron Lindorf for the parting gift on Sunday. After we talked about how I was going to D.C., Ronaldo whips out this book. So great. 

Speaking of clueless, I am too dumb for my new smart phone. I STILL (24 hours later) can't find my contacts!! It takes sooooo long for me to text someone back. There's just too much for my simple mind! I was completely fine with my dumb phone that only had about 5 functions. This sucker is overwhelming!!

Bonus Tangent:

After today, this will be an image of the past. I made a bet and I can no longer drink pop starting TOMORROW. My little brother doesn't think I can make it past the first day. I'll show him!!!

I read this AWESOME quote the other day, and I will now live by this belief: 
"Fear of failure is ultimately selfish; it reflects a preoccupation with self and overlooks the fact that one's strength and abilities come from the divine mind."- Hank Paulson

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