Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Triple Tangent Tuesday!!

Remember back in the day...like a year ago...when I would post 3 random tangents on Tuesday?? Well, I miss that tradition! Let's start that back up!

This kid left to live in the Middle East for 4 whole months today! I was so depressed that I ate donuts for breakfast and justified going shopping during my lunch break. I am now taking "temporary best friend" applications. Send em my way!

Stopping off at the sister's house on the way home from work to drink diet coke and ride bikes with the kids will now become a regular part of my daily routine:

I miss my city more than ever lately. Hmmm maybe I should start lookin for jobs in DC...

P.S.- Looking for a job is the ABSOLUTE worst part of being an adult right now. 

Happy Happy Tuesday Folks!

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