Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So I have been a pretty flakey blogger lately. I really have no explanation, except that I honestly haven't had any motivation to blog...or even be social in general. The only explanation I have for that is that sometimes life throws you curve balls and unexpected things happen. While things haven't been the easiest lately, I am very optimistic that things will work out the way that they are supposed to. I am very lucky and very blessed to have the life and opportunities that I have and sometimes it takes difficult times to remember how blessed I really am. Just gotta remember the big picture....

Here's some recent pictures: 

About 2 weeks ago, some old MV Soccer Alumni got together and played a friendly game of soccer. I was the oldest (weird huh??) And I must say, I definitely am out of soccer shape. I was sore for like three days after we played!! It was really fun to see everyone and play again though!

I have learned that there are two things in life that will NEVER EVER let me down: Running and Kids. No matter what disappointments I face, I always have running to boost my confidence and reduce my stress, and kids that love me no matter how imperfect I am. Like I said, I am really lucky. 

Jack calls himself "Peter Parker Jack"

I got to babysit these two rugrats, so of course we went to McDonalds and got ice cream cones. NEVER AGAIN will I go to the drive thru and trust Kali to hold the ice cream cones. Let's just say my light interior is NOT ideal for kids and ice cream cones. They loved it though. 

Look at that perfect form!! She was even turning the pages of the song book!

I have been running a lot lately. I will never ever get sick of running. I got a nasty blister that I am hoping will go away by my race this Saturday...I am also hoping the pain in my shin that feels a whole lot like a stress fracture will go away too...pray for me!

This gal turned 2 last week. When we went over to her party, she stood up on the couch wearing only a diaper and conducted multiple renditions of the "Happy Birthday" song. I can't believe she is already 2!

Some fun events to look forward to (as long as I don't have a stress fracture...I find out on Thursday): 

Park City Half- This weekend

Havasupai- Next weekend

Spanish Fork Half- Sept. 7

Wonder Woman Century Bike Race- Sept. 15

Please bless I don't have a crappy crappy injury!

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