Monday, August 27, 2012


What happens when 3 girls decide to go on a weekend backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon? 

I don't want to write a lot, so be prepared for a picture EXPLOSION...

We drove 10 hours to the top of the trail to Havasupai. We had to carry all of our food, clothes, and bedding for 10 miles down to the camp ground. This trip is NOT for wusses!!

On the way down, we hiked really early in the morning to avoid the heat. It was such a pretty hike down and we were so excited for our adventure!

These two claimed they didn't mean to match. Sure...

Vanessa reminded me of Pepto. I was nauseated just looking at her!

The three of us halfway to Havasupai

Best sign EVER!!

First waterfall: Navajo falls. SOOO pretty!

Next waterfall, Havasupai falls!

There were lots of little pools under Havasupai falls that we could play in!

Jentry fell down a little waterfall and got scratched up pretty bad. It just made her look super hardcore. 

Then it started raining, and we realized this place can quickly turn into a "hell hole" as Vanessa called it!

I got some brand new water shoes for the trip, and somehow lost a shoe. No worries, I still wore one around camp!

Our nasty nasty naaaasty dehydrated camping beef stew. Yuck I get sick just looking at the picture!

We all just had spoons and ate right out of the bag! We are really classy campers. 

Our little rain shelter. Not bad for three girls riggin up a shelter!

We "slept" in hammocks, and it was straight up AWFUL. I woke up feeling MISERABLE!

We climbed down to Mooney falls. It was a pretty intense hike, but super cool! This fall wasn't as fun, cause you couldn't play under it. 

Always a comforting sign

Such a neat hike!

Mooney Falls

Self timer is a glorious thing. 

Our little home before we took it all down. 

We decided to hike out at NOON the next day. Not our smartest idea. We stopped in the village where a wise elder said, "No no you can't hike this time of day! Many try, and many die!!" Luckily we made it. This picture is funny, because I sat down and FIVE dogs came and sat next to me. I HATE DOGS, especially nasty wild dogs!!

All in all, it was a great trip. It was very liberating to be able to say that the three of us girls went camping and did it all by ourselves. We survived the hike (even in super crazy heat) and made it home! I am pretty sure I am never going to do it again, but at least I did it!!


  1. you rock, girl!!! I've always wanted to go there, but I've never wanted to hike it. hahaha. helicopter please.

  2. Hating dogs is definitely NOT sexy lol.