Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Am Fat....

You just can't tell, because along with unhealthy foods...I am also addicted to cardio. 

Win, Win. 

I get to eat all the terrible crap for me AND still fit in my size 3 pants. 

10 points for being a young, unhealthy, exercise addict. 

This is what my day looked like: 

Cath sent me to "fat camp" aka she let me tag along with her to her personal trainer and get my cardio loving butt kicked by lifting weights. I am already REALLY sore. To reward myself, I had a SUUUPER healthy breakfast: 

Those Reese's ice creams are literally heavenly/probably way super healthy too. 

Nothing makes my heart happier than when this kid sees me and gets SUUUPER excited to see me:

She gets excited most likely because I give her anything she wants: 

Kids are so easily won over...okay I am too. If you showed up on my doorstep with a twinkie, I would most likely love you forever. 

This evening, I am currently scouring the world wide web trying to find some of these babies in my size: 

Why do they only make velcro shoes for kids?? BEST INVENTION EVER!

Shout out to my sister Kate who says I don't talk about her enough on the blog (we hang out everyday so it is kinda strange she never gets mentioned). I cried and whined (worse than the two kids) until she took me to Taco Bell and bought me dorritos tacos before we went to her daughter's soccer game. Such a good sister. 

I may or may not have applied to 10 jobs in DC today just for the heck of it. Okay, I probably did. 

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  1. You rock. I eat the same way. I just work it off in the oilfield. Cheers!