Thursday, August 16, 2012

Carbs and Compression Socks

My physical therapist knows me too well. She said I probably have a stress fracture, but we wouldn't know for sure unless I got an X-Ray...which I am too poor to pay for at the moment. The fact that it killed when she used her fancy vibrating hammer and it's bruising all up the bone says "stress fracture". BUT, she said if it was a stress fracture, that would mean 8 weeks of doing nothing to heal. Or...she could work on me, tape me up, and help me try to do everything I am supposed to do in the next month. If it's a stress fracture and I am going to be sidelined at some point...I might as well just go to the breaking point and do as much as I can right? Right. 

I have been working with her for 3 years now and she knows there's not much she can do to stop me, so she might as well be my partner in crime!

Today, we video taped me and analyzed my stride in slow motion. It was super weird/super interesting. Now, I am wearing compression socks to help with calve tightness, and loading up on the carbs!

Park City Half, Here I Come!!!

Getting all fixed up at physical therapy

My super sexy tape job

LOOOOOVE compression socks

Let's be honest, the only reason I race is so that I can say I am carb loading the whole week before!

Okay, I am seriously depressed that Austin moved to St. George today. It's just so sad to think that he's going to college and then will probably be leaving for a mission next summer!! We're never going to be "across the hall" pals again!

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