Monday, January 2, 2012

The Week of Goodbyes

Just FOUR days left... 

Until I live in D.C.

I have a feeling this week is going to be a week of goodbyes...actually more like see ya laters. Tonight was the first see ya later from my old roommate and best buddy Jentry. She brought me a great book of inspirational quotes. Who doesn't love quote books?? I am going to miss all the wonderful people who surround me! 

Either Rosie shrunk, or we grew over the past 1.5 years during her mission!

This morning, I went to the dentist. If you know me, I ABSOLUTELY HATE the dentist. I stress BIG TIME about going to the dentist. Well, I am happy to report that I made it into the NO CAVITY CLUB!! WAHOO!! To celebrate, Cath took me to the Nike store!!! I seriously could buy that whole store. I LOOOOVE buying anything to do with running. 

Including...MY NEW RUNNING IPOD!! (I didn't get this from the Nike store, I got it from Simply Mac)

These little suckers are AMAZING! They can do all the same things my running watch can do including tracking my miles, pace, time, and calories. ALSO, it tells me in my headphones how far I have gone and how much further I have left. When I am feeling really discouraged, all I have to do is press the button "power song" and it plays the song that will pump me up, which is Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga! I loooove my new running ipod!!

Such a bittersweet week, but I am getting SOOO excited!!

PS- This weather is AWESOME!! Running outside in sunshine makes me happier than you can ever imagine! The problem is..even though I didn't gain any holiday weight, I lost all of my fitness! 2.5 miles today KILLED me! Dang holiday fudge!!

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