Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolutions

After reviewing the resolutions I made last year on the ol' blog, I became discouraged. I wrote out this very ambitious list of about 15 resolutions and only a few were actually accomplished. 

This year, I will stick with something I KNOW I will accomplish. 

The same cliche resolution everyone makes: 

Workout More. 

I can't go wrong with that right??

So far I am off to a good start! I ran 4 miles today, followed by an intense arm workout playing "Just Dance" with Alex's little sister. When I asked her if her arms were sore too, she told me no. Kind of embarrassing that an 8 year old has stronger arms than me. Maybe my resolution should be to lift more, rather than just run all the time...nah!

I am currently OBSESSED with this Naked green drink. It's SUUUPER tasty and it makes me feel all healthy and cool.

Don't you think this running outfit makes me look super fast, even when I am standing still?? Hey, if I am going to run all slow and out of shape, I might as well look cool doing it right??

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